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Candles have rightfully obtained a main position in businesses decoration like hotels, traditional hostels, cafe, restaurants beauty centres etc.

Candles are suitable for the economical and not so usual decoration of businesses. They create a romantic atmosphere for the company and it clients.

Choose the color and type of candles that suit the style of your company and will satisfy this wish of yours.

Candle Prints

Promote your company with an excellent and unusual way using candles decorated with the logo of your business.

Surprise choosing candles as a gift for Christmas or Easter holidays or business gifts to your partners, clients or employees. You could also use them as promotional gifts or in special occasions, such as the launching of your company.

Special Orders

We can produce candles in the colour and scent that best suit your company. We combine candles with glass, biscuit, metal and create special orders for the needs of your type of business.

We are here ready to satisfy your company needs and contribute in the success of your business with our list of products, such as:

  • Aromatic - scented candles for every day use in various sizes and colours.
  • Scented handmade hollow candles for every day use (consuming only the reso) and decoration of your company
  • Italian handmade candles
  • Handmade candles - anti tobacco - in glass, in various shapes, colours and scents
  • Metallic bowls in various colours and types
  • Reso (Scented or not) small or big for excellent burning
  • Glassy cubes, transparent or not in various colours for an excellent decoration idea

The material used for the production of the candles (paraffin, colour, wick, Perfume) are all coming from European Union and are globally acknowledged and insured with quality certificates:DIN EN ISO 9001 for health and security purposes.

We would be glad to offer you any further information you would like to know and we look forward to for the opportunity to working with you.



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