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Handmade Hollow Candles

Candleshop.gr produces the unique hollow candles, a new style of handmade candles, which can be used in a daily basis without being burned. You have the possibility to decorate your space, enjoying their splendid lighting, with the minimum functional cost.

Hollow candles are perfumed with ethereal oils and an artistic decor that is exclusively inspired from ‘The Mother Nature’. Roses, shells, seaweed, cinnamons, rocks e.t.c.

The only sensitive part of the hollow candle is its bottom. If we place the small candles straight on it, the heat will be transported in the bottom of the candle. After some frequent use this will result to stick in the bottom. In order to avoid that, we should place a layer, (roughly 1cm) of rice, little rocks, or grains of coffee in the bottom of the candle.

Following the directions below, you’ll be able to use a hollow candle more effectively and enjoy the beautiful outcome in all the provided types.

We place the small candles internally in the centre of the Hollow Candle.

We light them, lower the lighting down and the space is being transformed.

If the use of the Hollow Candle is increased, it would be advised to place a layer (roughly 1cm) of rice, before placing the small candles in the internal surface of the candle.

In such a way, we ensure and protect the candle’s internal bottom from any possible fading.

Candles below are only representative of our wide collection.



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