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Wedding - Baptism

Wedding...The production of handmade wedding candles is one of the strong characteristics os Candleshop.

We decorate them internally with natural material and we perfume them with ethereal oils.

Transform the place where the wedding ceremony will take place in a dreamland using our candles to decorate the tables with smart and affordable solutions

We suggest scented candles which are an affordable solution and create an emotional and romantic atmosphere. These can be used without any flowers since they have their own perfume and without a base since they are themselves stable enough to sit nicely on the tables.

We suggest the decoration of the tables with handmade hollow candles in various colours that you will choose.

No other decoration accessories are needed to be used, since hollow candles will create a great atmosphere.

Remember that these candles in the end of the ceremony will be still new, and you will have the chance to give them as special gifts to your guests, or use them to your own place.

We suggest glassy bowls, square or rounded to be filled with water or sand and candles.

You could also place flowers externally to create once again a magnificent atmosphere...

Finally metallic bowls are a nice and affordable solution for tables and outside church or outside the place of the ceremony. These get you many years in the past and create a fairytale atmosphere...


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