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Candleshop can deliver quickly, safely and affordably its wide range of product line products to all these businesses that sell candles in the retail market (flower shops, gift shops etc)

We have a very good knowledge and experience in this market for many years now with a very good understanding in decoration; for that we pay attention a lot to the safe transfer of this fragile product so it arrives solid in your place.

The material used for the production of the candles (paraffin, colour, wick, Perfume) are all coming from European Union and are globally acknowledged and insured with quality certificates:DIN EN ISO 9001 for health and security purposes.

Our Handmade Candles

Our handmade candles, are perfumed with ethereal oils. The artistic decor that constitutes is exclusively and only taken from the Mother Nature. Roses, shells, seaweed, cinnamons, rocks etc.

Our main concern focuses on the unique character-appearance of every single candle. We are strongly dedicated to any effort acquired, and as long as it takes, for the desirable result.

The candle's colour, perfume, decor and the sentiments that it creates when it lights up in your space, are the result of a slow and experienced ritual of making a handmade candle.  

The wicks we use are burning late and in combination with the transparency of paraffin used, a magic atmosphere is created. Every wick is chosen according the size of the candle to result in the best burning of the candle. We also produce the unique hollow candles that we can use them every day without destroying them!!

Our collection includes:

Aromatic - scented candles for every day use in various sizes and colours.

Scented handmade hollow candles for every day use (consuming only the reso) and decoration of your company

Italian handmade candles

Handmade candles - anti tobacco - in glass, in various shapes, colours and scents

Metallic bowls in various colours and types

Reso (Scented or not) small or big for excellent burning

Glassy cubes, transparent or not in various colours for an excellent decoration idea

We would be glad to offer you any further information you would like to know and we look forward to for the opportunity to working with you.


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